$799.00 USD

PRESALE: Regenerative Copywriting Studio

Where your copy becomes the fully ripe fruit that makes mouths water and your perfect-fit people saying “gimme!”

 Messaging and copywriting is some of the most important pieces of marketing. Once you nail it, you feel fully expressed and seen, and it acts like a radio signal that your perfect-fit clients are ready to rock out to.

In the copywriting studio you will learn the timeless fundamentals of seductive and enchanting copy, and practical tips for making it flow out of you like a geyser.

What’s inside??


  • Attracting and CREATING amazing clients that respect you
  • Becoming a cult classic
  • How to be a fast writer (but only if you want to be)
  • Where copy fits into your regenerative business ecosystem
  • The belief work that fuels high-converting
  • Writing Seductive & Emotionally Compelling Copy
  • Cultivating your voice + Thought leadership
  • Telling captivating stories that stop the scroll + hooks readers
  • Copywriting for different stages of the relationship
  • 5 places that copy matters (it’s not just in sales posts)
  • How to get DM’s like “It’s like you’re reading my journal”
  • The emotional transmutation of a post
  • Copy that actually gets READ in a distracted / low-attention world
  • Creating a powerful revolution for people to get behind
  • Hyper practical quick tips
  • Simple Rx’s for copy that’s not working
  • Reusing and repurposing copy
  • Specific guidance (and templates!!) for posts, emails, landing pages, sales pages, and more
  • Watch us edit our client’s copy so you can see epic editing in action
  • How to develop powerful messaging when just starting out 

Meditations to get your unconscious mind on board

  •  Tapping into your genius
  •  Unlock your throat chakra + your powerful rally call
  •  Infusing power into your work
  •  Ritual for writing - Activating your genius through ritual

DOZENS of templates & resources, including:

  •  Sales page template
  •  Introduction email sequence to welcome people into your reality
  •  30 days of prompts
  •  Program Launch prompts
  •  Flash sale prompts
  •  Editorial calendar
  •  Structures for emails, IG posts, sales pages, blogs…
  •  Homepage + Website Pages template
  •  Our best performing FB + IG ad templates
  •  (And many more)

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 This program is self-study and self-paced. You will get instant access to all the trainings and resources.

No refunds on digital products.