Copywriting Power Hour

Get 1:1 feedback from our expert marketing team to create magnetic copy that elevates your unique offer & calls in the clients you most want to work with.

Take your sales page or landing page from:

Lacking direction around who your ideal clients are or the best way to speak to them…
… to knowing exactly what you need to say about your offer to resonate with your perfect-fit people.

Muddled copy that leaves your ideal clients feeling unsure if they’re the right fit…
… to MAGNETIC copy that makes them feel so seen, heard & felt by you that they don’t hesitate to enroll.

Having a confusing design & layout that causes people to click away…
… to having a CLEAR & COHESIVE design that keeps them scrolling down the page.

What’s included…

  • 2 Rounds of Copywriting Edits and Feedback on your sales page
  • LIVE 60-min. Copy Coaching Call with our expert copywriter
  • Client Avatar Workbook: My most-loved questionnaire to help you find clarity around WHO your ideal clients are & HOW to tweak your messaging to attract them to your work (value $79)

It’s your key to creating a sales page that attracts your ideal clients &  messaging that resonates with them on a heart-level.

Just wanted you to know that I love you so much and this is so helpful!!!! :) THANK YOU


I felt good about this sales page before, but now I feel amazing. I love to write, this is a soul-level calling for me, but it's a particular skill set to do marketing writing – to make sure that you're hitting on all the different points that your people will resonate with, and to convey the message you're trying to get across. I consider myself a writer, so I never would've thought like I needed copywriting support, but this has really helped me be more tangible in my writing. I tend to be very ethereal, but I learned how to write copy that really benefits my clients and guides them through a transformation just by reading my sales page.


It's always so exciting to get your recommendations back, as if the copy I gave you was plain vanilla ice cream and you sent it back with sprinkles, a cherry, and an extra one for a friend!


A HUGE thank you for the copy coaching you gave me for the program - I had a super successful launch. My goal was 57 people and in the end I had 60 people sign up! YAY!


$499.00 USD