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Build out the Systems, Team, and Marketing Automations to Do the Work for You... so you can Reclaim Your Time, Make More Money, and Change the World

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The Alchemical Business Accelerator is our implementation program & mastermind for spiritual entrepreneurs, coaches, and course creators who want to create a scalable foundation for their business to make more money without the hustle.

In the Alchemical Business Accelerator, we show you how to transform:

  • From being bogged down by an endless to-do list… to having a spacious schedule that feels like freedom & makes you excited to get to work every day
  • From feeling chained to your desk by anxiety that your business might catch fire without you… to reclaiming hours of time every week for nourishing relationships, spiritual reflection, pursuing other hobbies & growing in your craft
  • From resentment that you have to do everything on your own… to being fully supported by a team that cares about your business as much as you do

Hi, I’m Sam, the creator of the Alchemical Business Accelerator.

I created the Alchemical Business Accelerator to help you build out your systems, teams, and marketing automations so you have ample time in the day for purposeful work, nourishing relationships, spiritual practices & whatever the fuck else you want to do.

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the struggle of wanting to get your message out to the world and helping people with your gifts, but not being willing to be your business’ most overworked employee (when your biz was supposed to be your keys to freedom)...

This is why I’m so passionate about helping ambitious thought leaders like you. I know you’re the hard-working, dedicated go-getter that you are. But you’re not about to compromise your lifestyle for the sake of gaining more clients or increasing your earning potential.

See what our clients say about working with us:

"Thanks to Sam and her team, I have an amazing ecosystem of business where we are constantly innovating, marketing, sales, and service delivery run seamlessly, and I truly do very little except think and vision, which makes me feel like I'm living my dream life

“Sam is fiercely intelligent, immaculately organized, and impressively professional. On top of that, she is warm and kind, and speaks magic and witchery."


“With Sam's help, my advertising costs have dropped, my list has vastly expanded, and my revenue is up to seven figures. Working with her has led to a serious up-leveling of everything."


"Because of ABA, I feel way more confident in how I show up, I’ve had a total energetic transplant and mindset shift regarding visibility and money… I also realized the other day that I’m no longer a workaholic! I got so much support from Sam and the whole group of women. I understand the nuts and bolts and bigger picture of how digital marketing works and feel confident that in the future I know what to do to scale my business.”


"If you are in a place where you want to take an already successful business to the next level and ground it with stability and systems to become the leader you always wanted to be - the Alchemical Business Accelerator is for you.”


“Celebrating that in the last few weeks I've secured 4 out of 8 spots for longer term astro-coaching and I haven't even announced this yet to my newsletter or IG community.

“This is an exponential increase in revenue with a sliver of the work output. Yes yes yes.”


“I joined this program as my commitment to building out my root system. I was making SO much money but I was doing EVERYTHING myself... and I was ready for ease. In the first month I hired my epic VA, who is quickly growing into my Second Brain.

"In the time of this program we built out an entire Mastermind portal so that I have captured the entire process I walk them through. I digitally cloned myself.

"We created SOPs for so many things, which will make every launch and onboarding more and more like clockwork. We cleaned up my books and they're squeaky clean.


"I am weeks away from a $250,000 launch, which because of my VA and the SOPs we've put in place will require... very little work on my part. I HAVE A ROOT SYSTEM."


“Today I completed the 21-day cycle of our custom ABA guided hypnosis. I can honestly say that it gave me a level of relaxation that I haven't had in probably years.

“I also can feel how it has helped me shift to a gentler and more receptive mindset and reminded me that there is so much inner guidance available. Thank you so much for this gift.”